Confessions of the Soul

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In other words, Augustine must look inward at his own mind or soul to "sense" God.

This is an ability that is not directly possible for inanimate things or beasts. Nonetheless, Augustine argues, they all participate in God because they have their existence only in him. Further, they highlight the wonder of the consciousness of God attainable by humans: "the created order speaks to all, but is understood" only by contrasting it with inner truth. Yet "sensing" God with his spiritual faculties is not quite direct knowledge of God, and Augustine delves deeper into himself in this attempt to "find" God and know him.

Briefly considering the life of the body, which God gives, Augustine rejects it--God is not this, but the "life of life. He begins his analysis of this most puzzling human faculty with a discussion of what kinds of things the memory holds. No success and no attention for all the great things I could make with my words left me empty.

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Looking back I see this was just the medicine my soul needed. The pain of withdrawal from the highs of ministry success pushed into therapy.


It was depressing to feel like writing books and having a public ministry was over. To learn to rest means:. We love to hear from you!

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I have become tired and frustrated. That hurt so much, it triggered emotions of abandonment. I was divorced several years ago and I felt thrown away. I realized my identity was wrapped up in who I was to this ministry and what was I going to do on Sunday morning if it was not that.

In a sweet way God showed me my pride in the situation and that eased the pain of rejection I felt I am looking forward to some down time and getting to know Jesus much better so in the future I am serving him instead of the church. Thank you for your articles, they are very helpful.

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25 Shocking Confessions That Will Crush Your Soul

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