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It was a concern shared by others, he said. The president instructed his top diplomats to work with Mr Giuliani, who was publicly pursuing investigations into Democrats, according to Mr Sondland and others who have testified this week.

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And she warned Russia is gearing up to intervene again in the election. Sign Up. Most Viewed Most Shared Rod Stewart helps model railway exhibit get back on track after it was destroyed by The Daily Digest Today's news headlines, directly to your inbox every morning. Countdown to the festive season An Post issue final Christmas deadlines Dan O'Brien: 'Despite the prophesies of doom about risks we face, the domestic and global economies are Roslyn Dee: 'Buying online not a patch on old-style sensory shopping experience'. Also in World News.

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Hong Kong votes in election seen as referendum on protests Voting is under way in Hong Kong elections that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was confronted by an Rod Stewart helps model railway exhibit get back on track after it was A model railway exhibit in the UK which was destroyed Thousands of protesters march in France to condemn domestic violence Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Egypt unveils animal mummies of lion cubs, crocodiles and birds Animal mummies recently discovered in In , the Russian government and military, at the direction of President Vladimir Putin, launched an unprecedented attack on the US election.

They spent millions of rubles on hackers and trolls who systematically tried to weaken Hillary Clinton and boost Donald Trump. It's impossible to know if their efforts tipped the scales, but Trump won by a razor-thin margin.

Russia's role was also confirmed by the Senate Intelligence Committee and the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller, who brought criminal charges against Russian hackers and trolls. But for three years now, Trump has questioned, dismissed and contradicted these findings.

Most Americans say Trump 'abused power' by asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, new poll finds

He and many of his Republican allies instead adhere to an alternate reality about the election. Their story goes like this: It was actually the Ukrainian government that meddled, and it was to help Clinton. In this telling, Ukraine framed Russia for the hacks and coordinated with Democratic operatives in the US to smear Trump.

And the US intelligence assessment blaming Russia was written by anti-Trump bureaucrats whose conclusions cannot be trusted.

This is KYIV, UKRAINE - First Impressions of the City (Kiev)

There is no evidence to support these claims. Ukrainian leaders may have hoped that Trump would lose in , but there was no government operation to influence the US election.

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In fact, in a classified briefing this fall, US intelligence officials told senators that Russia engaged in a years-long campaign to push these theories, shifting the blame away from Moscow and onto Ukraine for interfering in the presidential campaign, according to two US officials familiar with the briefing.

At least nine witnesses in the impeachment inquiry have testified that claims of Ukrainian meddling were fabricated by the Russians or unsupported by the evidence.

Former White House aide Hill is no-nonsense Russia analyst

Others said they weren't aware of anything to corroborate Trump's claims. Here's a breakdown of the testimony. Hill, a leading scholar on Russia, has worked for Democratic and Republican presidents. She was the top Russia expert inside the Trump White House until her departure this summer.

Ukraine election interference theory 'fictional narrative'

This is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves. These fictions are harmful, even if they're deployed for purely domestic political purposes. The Ukrainian government did not do that. The Ukrainian special services also did not interfere in our election. Yovanovitch, a career foreign service officer, was the US ambassador to Ukraine from until this year, when she was abruptly recalled at Trump's direction.

He is the son of Ukrainian immigrants and earned a purple heart in the Iraq War. Intelligence services determine to have interfered in the election?

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Elections in And furthermore, I would say that this is a Russian narrative that President Putin has promoted. VINDMAN: I am unaware of any factual basis for the accusations against Ambassador Yovanovitch, and I am, frankly, unaware of any authoritative basis for Ukrainian interference in elections, based on my knowledge.

Kent is the deputy assistant Secretary of State overseeing Ukraine policy. He is a career foreign service officer who once served as a top diplomat at the US embassy in Kiev.