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With a gentleness hard-earned, she touched the skin, her fingers tracing the long line of memory in the form of an ugly white scar. With a touch, I felt less alone. She entered in, sharing my pain. And a small part of my unseen wounds started to heal. It has been more than three years since that day. By becoming flesh and blood, God reached out a hand from the distance of heaven and touched humankind.

Bridging the distance of holiness, He not only became someone we can touch but became the one reaching to touch us. It is I myself! In a world that pulled away from pain, Jesus pushed in. What was once marked for death showed signs of new life.

What Are The Types of Scars?

Jesus—the flesh-and-blood presence of God with us—became the means to our atonement. The sacrifice cut in two, offered as payment for our breaking the sacred covenant. His death atones for the death we deserve. But He is also our means of attunement. He will hold the basket while we barf, stay close while we suffer, and clean up our messes with His extravagant grace.

How can a scar be minimized?

He touches us at the place of our pain. Over and over again, with hands familiar with both suffering and healing. Are you aching for a Love that will never leave, a Presence that pushes back the dark?

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

If so, I have good news for you. Because whether you can see Him, feel Him, or not, He is with you.

For the truth-seekers, those drowning in impossible questions, and those who find themselves swallowed up by the dark, Relentless is an invitation to search for divine presence in our everyday. Consider scar therapy for older scars, and for scarring that causes you physical or emotional pain. Ignore a scar that becomes raised, itchy or red, which could be a sign of infection. Swab wounds with hydrogen peroxide.

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It can damage nearby healthy skin. Cover a cut. Allow it to breathe and form a hard scab, which will speed healing in the wounded area. Treat a wound with vitamin E, which can impair healing. Scar removal questions to ask a dermatologic surgeon Scars Questionaire Which scar procedure is the correct one for me?

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What are the options? What is the estimated cost of the procedure? How long is one appointment? How often will I need to receive treatment to remove my scars? How far apart are the treatments? What are the common side effects or complications associated with the procedure? Does scar removal hurt? What are my pain management and anesthesia options? How long is the recovery time associated with my procedure?

Do you have before-and-after patient images to help to prepare me for what to expect?

Treatment Options for Facial Scars

Will someone walk me through the process before going in for treatment? What are the risks?

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  8. What should I expect after the procedure is performed? General questions to ask before scar procedures Is a doctor on site? Is the doctor board-certified in dermatology or in another specialty with equivalent training and experience?

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    4. Was my medical history taken? Was I given an initial evaluation to determine if the technique or procedure is appropriate for my skin type?