The Thunder King (Bell Mountain Book 3)

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But treason brews inside the city walls The tiny army of the Lord is on the march against the undefeated horde, in bold obedience to a divine command; but the boy king, Ryons, marches all alone across an empty land. The Lost Books of Scripture have been found, but they may be lost again before the human race can read them. And Jack and Ellayne have been captured by the Heathen In the wake of a barbarian invasion, chaos sweeps across Obann.

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The boy king and his faithful chiefs try to restore order before the Heathen come again - not knowing that this time, the Thunder King himself will lead his armies. The Great Temple lies in ruins, but another Temple has arisen in the East.

The Thunder King (Bell Mountain, #3) by Lee Duigon

There is a new Thunger King in the East, and new threats against the West. The City of Obann seethes with treason and plots against King Ryons - and an ignorant slave boy must defend the rightful king's throne. In an age of treason, with the Temple laid in ruins and no First Prester to lead it, what will be the fate of the man who betrayed the Temple to destruction? Will the nation turn to the New Temple in the East - or to the words of their God?

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God's judgment hangs over the great city of Obann. In the Palace, power-hungry men enter into secret dealings with Obann's archenemy, the Thunder King. Queen Gurun and the boy who doubles for King Ryons; Jack, kidnapped from his home and forced to serve the traitors plotting against the rightful king; and a new lord of Obann's Temple, bearing a weapon with unthinkable powers of destruction All are converging on the Palace.

For the first time in two thousand years, Obann will have a Coronation Day, and a king will wear his crown. But it is not the plotters' intention that he shall wear it for long.

Thunder King (Bell Mountain Series #3), The

Content Protection. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. The Glass Bridge Bell Mountain, 7. Book 7. In the seventh installment of the Bell Mountain Series The Temple Bell Mountain, 8. Book 8.

King Ryons has led his tiny army into the heart of the Thunder King's dominion. Ahead lies the impregnable fortress of the enemy, defended by the destructive powers of the ancient world. The Throne Bell Mountain, 9. Book 9.

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Join the heroes of Bell Mountain as they fight for Ryons' throne! The Temptation Bell Mountain, Book But do its ruins contain the secrets of the Empire, and its power? Can the distant past be brought to life again? The usurper who has seized the city from King Ryons now seeks that power for himself.

The past calls to him, and he hears its voice. But once in Obann, the usurpers will surely try to kill him The Thunder King Bell Mountain, 3.

Lee Duigon

Book 3. Can Obann be saved? Must the West's great city fall to the barbarians? More in adventure fiction. The Last Banquet Bell Mountain, 4. Book 4. In the wake of a barbarian invasion, chaos sweeps across Obann. The boy king and his faithful chiefs try to restore order before the Heathen come again - not knowing that this time, the Thunder King himself will lead his armies.

Who will survive God's shaking of the world? For the shaking of the kingdoms continues unabated The Silver Trumpet Bell Mountain, A silver trumpet sounds from the walls of the city, with tidings of unexpected joy: the Thunder Kind is dead, his empire destroyed, and the boy king, Ryons, whom all believed was dead, is coming home victorious. But no one can find the trumpeter. Was it a man of flesh and blood, or a messenger from Heaven? Arthur O. The Survival of the Temple. The Walls of Obann. A Man on Horseback. Obst Gives Thanks. Ryons and Edwydd. Helki and the Heathen Champion. The Griffs Return.

The Start of a Very Long Journey. How Chillith Became a Mardar. A New Marching Song.

The End of a Long Friendship. Wytt Arranges an Ambush. Rain 2 A Dance of Predators. The Lost King.