Winnies World or The Fence and Other Challenges (Winnie and Hunny Speak Book 2)

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Edit more, fine tune again and again, and at some point there is a book which you're happy with and is ready and good enough for publication. The technicalities are the same, yes, and nowadays the products are pretty damned good too. And that's it. The essence of writing either fiction or creative nonfiction is the same.

Whether the story is made up or whether it's true life doesn't matter, it must be able to show not just tell. Creative nonfiction does that now too. Next week: Updates on "Staying Strong" and the crystal book. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. The author does a wonderful job creating the setting of this story by accurately describing life in a mining camp. He does an excellent job setting up the plot; he uses a real life event to create a story that is engaging. Readers will be enthralled with this dark side of American history.

Appelt, Kathi. Mogie: The heart of the house.

Illustrated by Marc Rosenthal. A well-developed plot and characters are essential in creating a memorable story. As the readers follow the story of Mogie and his unique characteristics, they will observe person-against-society conflict. Mogie does not behave like other dogs; he is neither a search and rescue dog nor a show dog.

Instead Mogie has his own set of unique skills in making hospitalized children feel better again. When Mogie mistakenly strolls into a hospital house he befriends a young boy, who has lost all of his passion and energy. Mogie helps him find love and positive energy once again.

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Even though Mogie is different than most dogs, the readers are happy when he discovers his gift of helping children. Counting crows. Illustrated by Rob Dunlavey. From sticks to mangos to ants and green peppers, this counting picture book follows twelve silly crows counting everything in their path. Children will enjoy following the crows dressed in red and white striped sweaters and polka dot scarves. Applegate, Katherine.

Ivan: The remarkable true story of the shopping mall gorilla. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Clarion Books. Illustrated by G. Brian Karas. As a baby, Ivan the gorilla was captured and brought from the Congo to America to be put on display for customers at a shopping mall. As years passed and awareness grew about how to properly treat animals, the mall customers began to complain and petition for Ivan to be set free from his isolated cage at the mall.

Finally, after 27 years, Ivan is sent to Zoo Atlanta, where he happily spent the rest of his life in a natural habitat with other gorillas. The author also offers sites where readers can learn more about Ivan, gorillas, habitats, and animal welfare. Arnold, David. Readers 14 and older will enjoy reading this book. The author does a superb job of developing the main character, Mim, whose struggles with love, friendship, divorce, and fitting in are relatable to any contemporary teenage reader. Readers will have no problem attaching to the plot and characters.

Arnold, Tedd. A pet for fly guy.

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Scholastic Inc. Orchard Books. This picture storybook works well for early elementary students. It follows the story of a boy, Buzz, and his pet, Fly Guy. The illustrations help move the plot along with the use of line. As Fly Guy flies around the pages, lines are used to show the reader his path. He moves from page to page trying to discover the perfect pet. This is a funny story about friendship. Ashdown, Rebecca. Bob and Flo. Illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown. In this story about friendship, sharing, and collaboration, Bob and Flo are two penguins who become friends on their first day of preschool.

Flo helps Bob along the way, and by the end of the story, both penguins are playing with the bucket together. Often the last part of the sentence leads to comical connections with the illustrations, keeping the reader involved. Additionally, the story illustrates important social skills related to making new friends, helping others, and playing together. This book will make preschoolers laugh, and they will enjoy the quirky story of friendship between these two playful penguins.

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Double trouble for Anna Hibiscus! Illustrated by Lauren Tobia. This book tells the story of Anna Hibiscus, a young girl who lives in Africa, as she is adjusting to the arrival of twin baby brothers. The emotions she expresses as she struggles with this event are common to many children who experience the transition to a new baby in the family as the attention shifts away from the older child. The story also portrays a multi-racial family with a Caucasian mother and an African father, which illustrates a diverse perspective of families.

This story teaches the normality of feelings of anger, jealousy, and abandonment are normal when they children begin to share the attention of their family with a new baby or babies , and ultimately how to overcome them negative emotions so that they can play a positive, loving role in caring for their new brother or sister. The way in which these important lessons, prevalent to social and emotional development, are surrounded by the diversity of culture and families creates a unique story.

Aylesworth, Jim. Scholastic Press. Illustrated by Barbara McClintock. Instead of discarding the tattered cloth, Grandfather tailors it into a jacket, repeating this process each time his new, slightly smaller, article of clothing is loved and worn until it becomes frayed. As the coat shrinks, the family in the story grows, and readers see the love and tenderness of a sentimental grandfather and his children. What sets this book apart is the partnership between author and illustrator.

The text talks strictly about the jacket, while the illustrations tell a deeper story of friendship, family, and love, using detailed and realistic drawings. Teachers and caregivers can use this folktale to talk about conservation, as the grandfather continually reuses his tattered fabric. Lessons can also be designed around immigration, as the book begins with Grandfather immigrating to America.

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Readers can locate the details in illustrations without text and practice them.