You Cant Hide From God

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As we ask for the grace to follow in the footsteps of Christ, it is helpful to spend time reflecting on his merciful love.

Why You Can't Hide From God - Seedbed

It is such a comfort to know that he calls each of us by name and intimately walks with us in our individual journeys! As we consider this great love, may our hearts be shaped in ever-greater way to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God Micah How can you use your gifts and talents today to bring justice and hope to the fatherless and the oppressed?

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Visit our advocacy events for some creative ideas! Tags: advocate bible bible verses scripture. Share: Tweet. Another reason that we cannot hide from God is that His love does not allow it.

God loves you, His child, and is intimately aware of all that is going on in your life so that He can comfort when comfort is needed, heal when there is brokenness, save when you cry out to Him, and correct you want to go your own way. To allow us to hid from Him when we are hurting or run from Him when we are sinning would not be loving, nor would it be glorifying to Himself.

God sees all things and He judges all things. He cannot ignore any wrongdoing or turn a blind eye to even the smallest indiscretion. His holiness demands perfection and a part of His perfection is that justice be perfectly distributed. Thankfully God never grows tired, His kindness is immeasurable, and His patience is astounding—especially in light of the many, many times we try to hide, run or ignore God.

But God sees all and He acts in a way that is always for our sanctification and His glory.

Can’t Hide From God

Instead of running or hiding from God, run to Him and lay open everything in your life and heart. Take comfort in the fact that He knows everything about you anyway and is there for you. Looking To Jesus,. You can grab your copy in our Love God Greatly store! Your email address will not be published. Hi and welcome to LGG! So grab some friends and join us or journey with us solo…..

Sign Up. Facilitator Tools. There are 3 reasons why we cannot run or hide from God.